The sweetest gift, with warm, heartfelt symbolism. Our Blown Glass Pineapples by Matt Urban

Have you ever seen a pineapple placed at an entrance?  It's a classic symbol across cultures that means simply this-- "welcome".   Right inside the front door? -- "we're glad that you're here".  


Matt Urban with his eco-sensitive glass studio, has created a pineapple, using 100% recycled Blenko glass.  Utilizing years of Venetian based technique and expertise, Matt has fashioned his pineapples to a subtle yet warm, center of attention in any room.   The attention to detail is stunning. The styling of the transparent glass captures the light just right.  Let this pineapple luminary light up your life and home with its warmth and brilliance. An LED votive light, which fits underneath the artwork, is included. Not suitable for traditional flame candles. 


Blown Glass Pineapple Matt Urban Furnace Urbini

Furnace Urbini Glass Works is an environmentally friendly glass studio using 100 percent recycled Blenko glass in all the designs.